Tamper-Evident Security Tape “VOID OPEN”, 50 Meter

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Tamper-proof Security Tape “VOID OPEN”, 50 meters (164 feet) per roll. A tamper evident packaging tape which can be applied onto cartons, boxes and shrink wrap films. If this tamper evident security tape has been lifted or removed, a clearly visible “VOID OPEN” message appears on the packaging, making any manipulation immediately visible.

Self-destructing film with high-performance adhesive for optimal adhesion on a wide variety of surfaces such as paper, cardboard, aluminum, metal, plastic, wood, glass and all types of cardboard.


Quantity per PU: 1 Roll with 50 meters (164 feet)
Size: 50 mm width, 50 meters per roll
Material: Security film (PET), glossy, 25µ
Temperature range: heat-resistant up to 50 °C / cold-resistant to -10 °C

Suitable for a range of applications:

  • Tamper-proof security seal for sealing or marking packages and containers
  • Designed for sealing cardboard boxes for shipping
  • Ensures tamper-evident safeguarding for the consumer
  • Ideal as transport seal for courier services or as inspection seal
  • Suitable for sealing containers, housings, laptops, computer bags, computer or server housings
  • Suitable for the sealing of devices, cabinets, documents, envelopes or cases

Features and properties:

  • Self-destructing film with transfer protection*
  • High-performance adhesive for optimal adhesion on a wide range of surfaces, such as paper, cardboard, aluminum, metal, plastic, wood, glass and all types of cardboard
  • Specially designed product for cardboard boxes and cardboard like surfaces
  • The material surface is easy to write on with a film pen/permanent marker
  • Resistant to disinfectants, tear and waterproof
  • Effective on most non-porous surfaces including bare metal, painted metal, fiberglass, painted wood, etc.
  • Durable, temperature- and UV-resistant material
  • Highest resistance in exterior and interior areas for permanent protection
  • Security tape signals unauthorized opening or tampering with the packaging/housing, simplifying control

* Self-adhesive with transfer protection: Once applied, the security tape is destroyed during removal, thus preventing misuse and making any manipulation immediately visible. When removed clearly visible “VOID OPEN” message is left behind. The “VOID OPEN” message is visible on the tape as well. This high residue security tape is typically used for applications where cleanup is not an issue.

Additional information

  • The indicated price refers to one PU (quantity per sheet or roll).
  • For more information, see Information and FAQ

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