Holographic Labels “SwissCross”, ø 35mm with serial number (UV color)

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High-resolution security hologram “SwissCross” with various security features. Swiss cross and text “GENUINE”, “ORIGINAL”, “AUTHENTIC” in hologram.

Besides various security features, each hologram comes with a unique 6-digit fluorescent serial number, which is only visible under UV light. Each serial number is unique and exists only once.

Self-adhesive security label with transfer protection: once affixed, the hologram is destroyed if removed, preventing misuse and making any tampering immediately visible. These hologram labels are suitable as tamper-proof security seals for sealing or marking packaging and containers.

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Quantity per PU: 16 holographic labels per sheet/PU
Size: round, 35 mm diameter
Numbering: 6-digit fluorescent serial number, unique serial number
Material: PET, 36µ, silver, self-adhesive security labels
Design: «SwissCross» with Swiss cross and text «GENUINE», «ORIGINAL», «AUTHENTIC»

Suitable for a range of applications:

  • General labeling of goods and products (e.g. Swiss Made products)
  • Tamper-proof security seal for sealing or marking packages and containers
  • Suitable as a security feature for parking cards and permits of all kinds
  • Ideal for smaller runs of tickets, ID cards, membership cards, admission tickets, etc.
  • For the manual application of a unique optical security feature

Features and properties:

  • Self-destructing film with transfer protection (tamper-proof)*
  • Each hologram comes with a unique 6-digit fluorescent serial number, which is only visible under UV light
  • Various security features and optical effects: Nanotext (visible at 100x magnification), microtext (visible with a magnifying glass), various kinetic effects, spectral gradients, zoom effects, 2D/3D (flip effect, two-channel), achromatic white and Fresnel effects
  • Material surface writable by means of overhead film pen / permanent marker
  • Each serial number is unique and exists only once
  • Applied to paper, the labels are suitable for laser and inkjet printers and retain their gloss and holographic effect even at high temperatures

* Self-adhesive with transfer protection: once applied, the hologram is destroyed during removal, thus preventing misuse and making any manipulation immediately visible.

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