Holographic labels “SWISS MADE”

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Holographic labels “SWISS MADE” for Swiss Quality Products.
The “SWISS MADE” or “MADE IN SWITZERLAND” quality label is particularly important in foreign trade. It stands for solid quality, safety and reliability. It also serves as a seal of quality for the consumer.

Especially suitable as a security feature for guarantee certificates and certificates of origin as well as for marketing purposes. Can be used also as a tamper-proof security seal for sealing smaller packages and boxes.


Quantity per PU: 49 holographic labels per sheet/PU
Size: round, 20 mm diameter
Material: PET, 36µ, self-adhesive security labels
Design: “Swiss Made” with Swiss cross and text “SWISS MADE”, “MADE IN SWITZERLAND”, “GENUINE” and “SWISS QUALITY PRODUCT”

Suitable for a range of applications:

  • General labeling of goods and products (especially for Swiss Made products)
  • For tamper-proof sealing of smaller packages
  • Suitable as a security feature for guarantee certificates and certificates of origin
  • Ideal for marketing purposes and to visually enhance Swiss Made products
  • For the manual application of a unique optical security feature to certificates, diplomas, deeds, etc.

Features and properties:

  • Self-destructing film with tampering protection* (tamper-proof with honeycomb pattern)
  • Various security features and optical effects: microtext (visible with a magnifying glass), various kinetic effects and alternating effects (the smaller crosses appear alternately depending on the viewing angle)
  • Background layer with kinetic guilloche patterns and “SWISS QUALITY PRODUCT” as text layer
  • Material surface writable by means of overhead film pen/permanent marker
  • Applied to paper, the labels are suitable for laser and inkjet printers and retain their gloss and holographic effect even at high temperatures

* Self-adhesive with transfer protection: once applied, the hologram is destroyed during removal, thus preventing misuse and making any manipulation immediately visible.

Information on this hologram series

The good reputation of the “Swiss Made” brand pays off for Swiss companies. According to studies by economiesuisse, the added value of Swissness is up to 20 percent of the sales price. Consumers abroad in particular are prepared to spend a little more money on this than on comparable products of less promising origin.

Important note: The “Swiss Made” series from advast suisse is a license-free hologram and not an official quality seal. For legal reasons, it is therefore mandatory to check whether the products to which these holograms are applied meet the requirements for the “Swiss Made” seal of quality. The responsibility for the lawful use of the “Swiss Made” designation of origin therefore lies with the user.

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Tamper Evident

Honeycomb tamper evident, Tamper evident

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2D/3D Hologram