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Individual and customized solutions: tamper-proof holograms, tamper-evident security seals and solutions for product authentication and traceability.

Secure Solutions, Competently Implemented

Individually developed security solutions tailored to the respective field offer the highest level of counterfeit protection and security. As a specialized security company with many years of experience, advast suisse develops security solutions tailored to your needs and requirements for brand protection, product authentication, counterfeit protection and tamper-proof sealing.

Brand and counterfeit protection is our core competence. As one of the leading companies in this field, advast suisse AG has successfully supported numerous brand protection projects.

We will be happy to advise you and work with you to find the right solution tailored to your needs. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

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Products and Services

Self-adhesive hologram labels and seals

advast suisse AG produces hologram labels for decorative use on packaging and printed matter as well as in the design of security labels: as forgery-proof, optical security feature at banknote level for applications in product and brand protection as well as document protection.

Hologram seals are primarily used for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food packaging. The consumer expects intact packaging that guarantees that the contents are flawless and therefore the packaging has never been opened before.

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Security seals (Tamper-evident labels)

Security seals or tamper-evident labels serve to prevent unauthorized opening of technical equipment, cardboard boxes, packaging or doors and also provide efficient protection against tampering.

Safety seals are used across all branches of industry: They are used whenever containers, housings or receptacles are to be sealed in a verifiable and tamper-proof manner. Thanks to transfer protection, the labels self-destruct when an attempt is made to peel them off, thus preventing them from being used again.

Security printed matter

Protected documents and printed matter such as securities, certificates, diplomas and legal documents must meet increasingly stringent requirements with regard to protection against forgery. To protect security documents effectively against counterfeiting, we are constantly researching and developing new security features.

Whether watermarks, holographic hot-stamping foils, optically variable printing inks, machine-readable elements or forensic security features: advast suisse offers you a comprehensive and counterfeit-proof product range and sound advice.

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Brand and counterfeit protection

Brand protection is our core competence. We are at your side from planning to execution and implementation. As one of the leading companies in this segment, advast suisse AG has successfully supported numerous brand protection projects.

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Other products and services

  • Traceability and authentication solutions
  • Holographic hot-stamping foils (decorative or high-security)
  • Security documents and forms
  • Forensic security features and security inks
  • Solutions for grey market protection
  • Independent consulting services for the field of security-related printed matter

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Holograms (OVDs)

Counterfeit-proof, decorative and proven – holograms provide optimum protection for your brand and product as labels or embossed films.

Security Seals & Tamper-Proofing

Counterfeit and tamper-proof security seals/tamper-evident labels for sealing packages, housings, containers, cabinets and doors.

Product Authentication

Solutions such as valuesafe® for online authentication of genuine products using variable codes. For maximum counterfeiting and gray market protection.

Security Printing

Effective protection for security printed materials and security documents. Design, implementation and printing of counterfeit-proof printed materials.

Consultation & Project Management

Expert advice when planning and executing complex projects requiring all-encompassing security concepts for extremely high counterfeit protection.

Government Solutions

Security solutions and products for governments and authorities. Protection for important and sensitive documents.

Comprehensive service package

advast suisse AG is always by your side, offering full-service solutions in accordance with international quality and security standards – from advice based on experience and analysis tailored to the customer, via production through to implementation.

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Our expertise

Our broad portfolio of services includes the planning and execution of the complex projects typically needed to meet the security requirements of extremely high counterfeit protection. advast suisse AG is one of the leading companies in this sector and covers all eventualities.